Ref // Object Dyed Lined Diagonal Zip Goodyear Boot

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Carol Christian Poell

Object Dyed Lined Diagonal Zip Goodyear Boot

Object Dyed Lined Diagonal Zip Goodyear Boot

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COLOUR: 10 Black
MATERIAL: ROOMS-PTC (100% Kangaroo Leather)

Introducing the MODEL: AM/2601L Object Dyed Lined Diagonal Zip Goodyear Boot by Carol Christian Poell, an embodiment of the avant-garde and artisanal craftsmanship. Crafted entirely from ROOMS-PTC, this boot features 100% kangaroo leather, known for its durability and lightweight feel. Presented in a classic black (Colour: 10).

The boot is distinguished by its precise Goodyear construction and clean lines, accented by Carol Christian Poell's distinctive diagonal zip. The kangaroo leather is treated through an object dyeing process, ensuring a deep, consistent hue that enhances the individuality of each piece.

Handmade with meticulous attention, the AM/2601L boot stands as a testament to Carol Christian Poell's commitment to innovative craftsmanship, culminating in singularly unique pieces.


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About the Designer

Carol Christian Poell

Carol Christian Poell is an avant-garde fashion designer from Austria who studied fashion design in Italy before creating and producing his collections in Milan. Known for his complex use of materials and unique construction techniques, Poell debuted his first collection in 1995. Over the years, he has become a leading figure in the avant-garde fashion world, thanks to his artistic talent and extravagant installations. His latest collection, 2010 IN-BETWEEN, is a study of form, texture, and construction methods.


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