Tax Free Shopping at The Library

Our Prices

Prices on our website are specific to your location. If you visit our website from outside of the UK you will see all prices excluding VAT.

Since January 1st 2021, purchases made online for delivery to addresses within the European Union are not be subject to UK VAT. Relevant local taxes and duties may be applicable to your order upon arrival in your country, these will not be shown at checkout.


Non-UK Deliveries

When an order is shipped outside of the UK, our prices are tax-free and DO NOT include customs fees. If you reside outside the UK your local border authority will charge the appropriate customs fees to you.


Shopping In-Store

Since 1st January 2021 customers are no-longer be able to shop tax-free in-store in the same way as they have before.

We have introduced a new Tax-Free Shipping service, you are now able to select items in-store to be delivered outside the UK (including EU countries) with UK VAT deducted from the cost of your purchase.

For more information please contact us.