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Hand Dyed Raw Edge Cardigan

Hand Dyed Raw Edge Cardigan

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Model: SW05 T204
Colour: Grey
Material: 100% Cotton

Crafted from textured cotton and hand dyed to create subtle variations in colour, Daub's Raw Edge Cardigan reimagines traditional knitwear with its unique raw edges, presenting an artisan aesthetic. Featuring a five-button closure and two patch pockets, each detailed with the same unfinished edges, the cardigan offers a tactile and visual appeal. Its relaxed, louche silhouette draws inspiration from the effortless elegance of a Kimono.


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About the Designer


Daub is an emblematic blend of Japanese practicality and Italian sophistication, bridging the gap between the functional essence of Japanese streetwear and the refined aesthetics of Italian design. With a steadfast commitment to timeless materials and pragmatically elegant designs, Daub's collections stand out for their elegance and utility. Each creation is a testament to meticulous attention to detail, born from a continuous cycle of research, innovation in construction, and styling finesse. This deliberate process results in a distinctive fusion of Japanese and Italian design philosophies, achieving a perfect harmony of form and function.


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